Steve's Corporate Comedy Concepts
Transform Boring Business
from ho-hum into

Despite the fact the first three letters
of the word "function" spells fun, that's
hardly the word most people
would use
to describe a typical business function.

Too often, many business events and presentations ultimately come off as routine, mundane
and forgettable.

Steve's Corporate Comedy Concepts
are designed to help make your next company meeting, seminar, dinner, etc.
to be exactly what it should be:

Uplifting, memorable and FUN!


Autotask Corporation hired Steve to perform a comedy bit at their 2010 international conference in Miami.  Steve played the "Doc Brown" character (from 
the "Back to the Future" films), which combined pre-recorded video and a live interactive skit with the company's CEO.

Is it appropriate to incorporate  humor into business presentation? Absolutely! A good dose of clean, customized comedy at your
business gathering can pay big dividends, such as:


Relieve Stress
Enhance Creativity
Motivate Employees

Improve Retention
Better Relationships
Raise Morale

Steve's Corporate Comedy Concepts
Will Make Your Make Business Function

Hundreds of businesses, groups
organizations—of all types and sizes—have utilized Steve's unique, creative and hilarious Corporate Comedy Concepts to inject some "tongue-in-cheek" levity into other-wise lackluster business functions and social events.

Chances are, one or more of them is a perfect fit for your next:

Awards Banquet
Breakfast Meeting

Dinner Event
Golf Event

Holiday Party
Incentive Event
Product Launch

Team Event
Theme Party
Trade Show
VIP Event
You Name it!



Here's What a Few Clients
Have to Say About Steve's
Corporate Comedy Concepts:


Check Out These Very Funny Corporate Comedy Concepts Steve Can Apply to Your Next Event:

 Comedy Roast
Do you remember those hilarious Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts on television
back in the 1970's? Or perhaps more recently you've seen one of the celebrity roast specials on the Comedy Channel.

Why not apply that same, very funny concept to someone you're about to
honor at an upcoming special event:
Your boss, a business associate, retiring co-worker, friend or family member!
How it works: You simply supply Steve with some juicy nuggets of information about the roastee: Their quirks, annoying habits, embarrassing moments, etc. Let Steve know what the boundaries are, and he'll then write and perform a side-spitting, unforgettable comedy routine that the recipient and everyone attending will cherish forever.


Event Host or Emcee



Who hasn't attended an event that
was hosted by a lousy Emcee?

You know the scenario:

The bad jokes and boring blather
that eventually leads to a completly 
distracted and disinterested 
audience who eventually begin to 
chat loudly amongst themselves.

Not exactly what you're looking for.

Why not instead hire a seasoned pro who will not only make your next event entertaining and memorable, but also keep the agenda from getting bogged down!

Steve is the perfect fit to take on the role of
host or emcee at your next installation dinner, awards banquet—wherever someone who is polished, witty, and in-control would be ideal.


Comedy by PowerPoint or Skype


Did your last multimedia present-
ation go over like a high school biology class video?

Turn those yawns into yuks by injecting some well-placed laughs into your next PowerPoint or other audio-visual presentation!

Using humor in PowerPoint is an effective way to capture and keep the attention of your audience and really get your message across! Steve has used many unique and creative ways Steve to funny-up PowerPoint presentations for his clients.

Recently he created a hilarious "PowerPoint Soap Opera" starring the managers of a convenience store chain. Steve took comical photos of each manager and then strung them together into a funny story. He narrated the skit live at their annual
managers meeting using the voice of Johnny Carson!


Funny Phony Expert

video-being-updated How it works: Steve is introduced 
at your event (with a fake name) as a guest keynote speaker; perhaps as an author or "expert consultant" within your industry.

He starts out seriously enough, but just when everyone begins to think they're in for a real yawner, Steve begins to garner some laughs.
As he gets funnier and the gag becomes apparent, he then segueways into some great stand-up comedy entertainment for all in attendance!


Celebrity Phone Call

How it works: Imagine if, at your next event, a phone call came into
the room (via speakerphone for all
to hear) from the "President of the United States" (or other celebrity voice) that interrupts your awards ceremony, the emcee, or the keynote speaker with a special message or greeting for your group.
That's exactly what Steve recently did at an awards event for EG&G Technical Services (a division of NASA). As each recipient received their award on stage, a completely customized "Celebrity Phone Call" (from various famous people), was placed to a phone at the podium.  Each winner was encouraged to answer the call and received a bit of good-natured ribbing along with congratulations on a job well done.


Have your own idea for a unique and
funny Corporate Comedy Concept?
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