Funny Voice Acting

Steve's versatile, award-winning
vocal dexterity has been utilized in well over two thousand multimedia productions of virtually every kind.

Advertising agencies, recording studios, production companies
and small businesses alike often call 
upon Steve's voice over talent when
they need to "funny-up" their audio-
visual projects.


Recent episode of "the Goon" by
Dark Horse Motion Comics, featuring
a character voiced by Steve.  

Funny Radio Commercial
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Funny Character Voices for
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Funny Voices for PowerPoint
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Steve's hilarious Celebrity Voice Impersonations and Original Character Voices can inject some laughs into your local, regional and national commercial or industrial production.

Take a listen to Steve's Voice Over Demo: 

Here's What a Few Clients
Have to Say About Steve's

Voice Acting Services:

Funny Radio Commercials

Since voicing his first funny radio commercial way back in 1978 (in which he sang "My Way" as former President Nixon!), Steve has been heard in hundreds 
of them all across the U.S., Canada, and even overseas.

Using one or more of Steve's funny celebrity impersonations or original character voices 
in a radio commercial is an especially effective way
to catch the listener's ear, because radio allows you
to paint almost any humorous scenario imaginable
into the mind of the potential customer.

Steve can either work from a script you already
have in mind, or write and produce a
funny radio
 (or series of ads) for you
from scratch.

Take a listen to this very funny, award-winning 
radio spot that was written and voiced by Steve:


& get Steve
for your own

Funny Radio

Funny TV Commercials

Steve has voiced over (and occasionally appeared in) many TV spots.

Here are couple of his most recent:




Client: Ryno Productions

Gil & Oscar Campaign

This highly colorful, expertly-animated series features two fish learning about the benefits cable TV has to offer—all from their front row seats right in the family fish tank!

Steve provides the voice of "Gil", the little blue fish.


 Wise Guys, Bad Deal Campaign

 A very funny campaign
designed for auto dealerships, these ads feature four "wise guy" puppets who operate their own dealership with a
very heavy-handed approach!

Steve provides the voices of all four characters in the spots.

Other Funny Audio-Visual Projects

Few things are more boring than a boring audio-visual presentation.

However, adding a bit of humor to your audio, video, or PowerPoint presentation will make your people laugh. And making people laugh keeps them "up", paying attention, and more likely to retain the information you're trying to convey.

Client: New York State Dept. of
nvironmental Conservation

Title: "Cocoa, Grease & Wine"

Description: The State of New York needed
a way to pass on newly implemented safety regulations to the State's dry cleaning proprietors.

The idea was to create a video featuring three "clothing stain" characters who would guide them through the proper procedures when handling and disposing of chemicals used in the dry cleaning process.  


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