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Seriously Funny Guy.

From the stages of top comedy clubs to cruise ship showrooms and pretty much everything in between, Steve
has performed well over 5000
Live Stand-Up Comedy Shows all across the U.S., Canada and beyond.

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Steve Has Provided Over 3O Years of Laughs 
or Virtually Every Type of Venue & Group:

• Banquet Halls
• Casinos
• Charitable Organizations
• Coffee Houses

• Comedy Clubs
• Cruise Lines
• Country Clubs
• Fire & Rescue Companies
• Fraternal Organizations
• Health & Medical Groups

• Hotels & Resorts

• Military Support Groups
• Municipalities
• Nightclubs
• Political Organizations
• Restaurants
• Theaters
• Senior Citizen Centers
• Sports Bars
• VFW Posts
 Youth Support Groups
• YOUR Venue or Group!

Here's What a Few Clients
Have to Say About Steve's
Stand-Up Comedy Shows:



Themed Comedy Shows

In addition to his standard live comedy performances, whereas Steve does his typical stand-up routine by himself or with another comedian or two, he can also provide your venue, group or organization with a show that is themed around a particular time of year, a holiday, special event, etc.

Here are a few tried, tested, and truly funny examples...

"Winter Blues"
Comedy Night

That crazy-busy holiday season has been over for weeks now. The cold, dreary and depressing reality of yet another long, bitter winter has set in.

You need to give your customers a
reason to get out again. Eureka! Tell them to chase away those winter blues by coming to your "Winter Blues Comedy Night"! Live comedy is just the ticket to draw in some customers during during those after-the-new-year months when business can be a bit slow. 



 "Fall Down Funny"
Comedy Night

A show as brilliant as the autumn leaves of New England, and a great way to kick off the busy upcoming holiday season!

He Rants, She Rants:
Battle of the Sexes
Comedy Night

He never puts down the toilet seat.

She never tells him what she's mad
at him for.

You get the idea.

It's a Valentine's Day Comedy Show only lovers would understand!


Got an idea for a Comedy Show Theme
of your own? Give Steve a shout,
and he'll put it together!

Simply fill in the info
below, and he'll quickly
get right back to you.